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NG AP Mix CD : Dance Collection

2008-02-04 12:59:54 by DiscoMcDisco

I've been thinking about this for a little while, and now that i have my new MP3 mixing rig setup i've been getting back into mixing...

It occurred to me that i said i'd be active around here... and i haven't other than the odd blam/save/review no and then... i just don't have the time really, but now i've moved to my new flat i have a lot more free uninterrupted time on my hands...

Here's the question...

There's some incredible work on the Audio Portal, i am amazed by the levels of wrok that goes into some of them, and the quality of sound is better than anything i've tried before.... So here's what i plan to do over the next month or so..

The first mix cd will be a dance based one (now this means DANCE songs of any type, i.e. Not ROCK, not Drum'n'bass but Dance, techno, Electronica, trance etc etc)

I'm going to start a thread for the NG AP Mix Collection: Dance/Techno/Electronica/etc which will be asking for the following:

1) I need an american idol style list of tracks people would like to see on the CD, so i can then make a poll for them
2) The poll will then be the thing that chooses the songs to add (i'm aiming for 70 minutes so i'll pick the highest ranking songs till i run out of time)
3) I'll download all the songs, MP3 them if necessary, and mix them together into one seemless album.
4) I will post the link to download the tracks here on NG
5) See what the response is like
6) See if we can't get an AP product in the new NG store...

Now, bare in mind that this will probably take at least the next 6 months to give everyone enough time, but i'm going to try and get some help behind getting people involved. Who know's, everyne involved could get themselves a nice little bit of recognition, maybe a sahre in some cash, but most of all more money to the mighty Tom & Co to keep this place going with improvements and enhancement's.

So who's with me?

Sound like a good idea?

Let me know and i'll start getting this ball rolling...


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2008-03-01 10:30:26

drum n bass is dance

DiscoMcDisco responds:

Don't start lol... ;)