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Entry #1

SO.... i pormised i'd become more active once the redesign went up.....

2007-07-23 08:28:43 by DiscoMcDisco

So i finally did it,

I registered, i submitted, i reviewed, i joined in

It feel's good, My first submission even got a good review and has a pretty decent score, admittedly it's not really flash, but a good audio submission is better than a bad one..

Maybe it could be used for credits/openings for clips.... maybe someone does actually wana make a music video (not that i can pay ya but would be fun)...

Let me know if ya wana use any of my artistic works for anything, as long as the band get a shout in the game/clip/collab/whatever with a link to our website i don't mind in the slgihtest - just would be nice to know what we've been used in :D

So this is me, and welcome to it :D


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